How should I use CollectReviews?

CollectReviews helps seller to automate Buyer-Seller messaging for different purposes: attain more positive reviews, send useful information about the product to buyer, get feedback to improve shopping experience. Powerful analytics helps seller to measure effectiveness and adjust emails to work best for sellers’ needs.

Is free plan available? Does it has time limit?

Fully-featured FREE plan is available with no expiration date. Sellers can create as many campaigns as they need, for any number of products. Sellers on FREE pan can send around 100 emails per day, which gives 3000 emails per month, which is from 6 to 60 times more comparing to competitors.

Is that required to log in to my Amazon seller account to use CollectReviews?

Yes, you must log in to your Amazon seller account in order to synchronize the order and review information of your store. Before you log in to your Amazon account you can explore all functionality and send test email to yourself!

Why do you need my MWS credentials from Amazon?

We need your MWS credentials so that we can find orders with their API.

Does CollectReviews violate Amazon’s policy? Will Amazon ban my account?

Absolutely not.

What forms of payments do you support?

Credit Cards

How long does it take before I’ll see all my data in CollectReviews

Sync process takes around 20 min. We will send additional email notification once sync is done.

What Scheduled Emails means?

CollectReviews provides powerful analytics that helps sellers to analyse not only emails that have been sent, but also emails that will be sent and when. That helps sellers to plan their traffic, especially when they are using free plan.

Sellers using email campaigns see up to 8x more engagement

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