Why Amazon’s Opt-Out Policies Do Good More Than Harm
September 20, 2018 by SendDog 0 Comments

Since March 2017, Amazon has allowed buyers to opt out of unsolicited emails sent from third-party sellers. At first glance, Amazon’s decision to provide buyers with an opt-out option seems worrying, especially to sellers who depend primarily on feedback to drive sales and businesses. In the long run, Amazon is actually doing sellers a favor by helping them to deliver a more pleasant buying experience. Remember, buyers opt out for a reason. They are either too busy to check emails or they simply don’t like hearing from sellers. Although most buyers appreciate the personal touch that sellers have to offer, some would rather not receive any messages - no matter how meaningful and beneficial the messages are. Sending unsolicited email to this type of buyers is unlikely to result in a favorable outcome for sellers. On the contrary, it could encourage negative feedback.

However, Amazon is still allowing sellers to send critical emails even if a buyer has opted out. Buyers, who have opted out of unsolicited messages (including seller feedback emails), will only receive emails with information that is critical to completing orders, such as product customization questions, delivery scheduling or issues with a shipping address.

If a buyer has opted out of a seller’s unsolicited emails, Amazon strongly recommends seller to stop sending any non-critical emails to that buyer. Violations to this policy may result in enforcement actions or the loss of selling privileges.

Our Final Thought

With all of this being said about the benefits of Amazon’s opt-out policy, it is still up to sellers to respect every buyer’s request. One of the most important things for sellers to consider is to not over-message buyers. Every email should be helpful and not pushy. Emails should add value to the buyer’s buying experience. As a seller, you should always focus on delivering excellent customer service before asking for reviews and feedback.

What SendDog can help?

Some sellers start by manually soliciting feedback by logging in to their Amazon Seller Central accounts. However, this approach will soon become unmanageable once their order volume has grown. SendDog automates the many time-intensive aspects of feedback solicitation, such as sending custom emails or notification emails or even a friendly note to buyers, tracking feedback received, monitoring negative feedback and much more. SendDog allows users to change the way they communicate with buyers based on the amount of reviews or product’s review scores. Users can create custom campaigns for each of their products and send targeted emails to buyers. Sending a timely email and using the right words in an email can reduce the chance of receiving negative feedback and enhance customer satisfaction. SendDog also comes with impressive, yet easy to use statistical tools, where users can acquire all the feedback they need to check out conversion rates, and examine the effectiveness of their e-mail campaigns.

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