Why Amazon Feedback Matters
September 20, 2018 by SendDog 0 Comments

Feedback rating is one of the most critical measures buyers use when making purchase decisions. In this post, we are going to discuss Amazon Seller Feedback.

For wholesalers and resellers who are selling essentially the same product, buyers will base their final purchase decision on seller quality. As a seller on the Amazon marketplace, you probably know that buyers can review seller performance for every transaction they have made. A seller’s current feedback score therefore reflects the average of all rated transactions.

Amazon employs a 1-to-5 star rating system for third-party sellers. A five-star feedback is the highest sellers can receive. Amazon offers the following guidance to buyers when leaving feedback:

  • 1 star = “awful”
  • 2 stars = “poor”
  • 3 stars = “fair”
  • 4 stars = “good”
  • 5 stars = “excellent”

Amazon also reminds buyers to keep seller feedback and comments strictly focused on buying experience, as per their guidelines:

  • How satisfied were you with how your order was packaged and shipped? (for products)
  • How was the work quality and professionalism of the provider? (for services)
  • Did you get good customer service and prompt resolution? (if applicable)
  • Would you buy from this third-party seller again?
  • What could have been improved about your experience?

This is exactly what Seller Feedback is for:

  • Evaluate the speed and quality of the seller’s fulfillment
  • Evaluate how close the product description matched the actual product
  • Encourage future sales and repeat businesses
  • Improve your overall sales and profitability
  • Positive feedback affirms what is going well
  • Negative feedback provides valuable insight on where improvements can be made to increase customer satisfaction.

Why is the Amazon Feedback Rating Important?

Feedback affects Buy Box position – Among other factors, Amazon uses seller feedback to decide Buy Box placement. That being said, seller with a relatively higher feedback rating gets the ultimate sale.

Feedback affects selling privileges – In the case of seller suspension, your seller privileges will be revoked if your feedback rating is too low.

Feedback creates added value to your business – Competitively speaking, every single feedback you receive from buyer can help your business develop a unique product that differs from that of your competitors.

What SendDog can help?

Some sellers start by manually soliciting feedback by logging in to their Amazon Seller Central accounts. However, this approach will soon become unmanageable once their order volume has grown. SendDog automates the many time-intensive aspects of feedback solicitation, such as sending custom emails or notification emails or even a friendly note to buyers, tracking feedback received, monitoring negative feedback and much more. SendDog allows users to change the way they communicate with buyers based on the amount of reviews or product’s review scores. Users can create custom campaigns for each of their products and send targeted emails to buyers. Sending a timely email and using the right words in an email can reduce the chance of receiving negative feedback and enhance customer satisfaction. SendDog also comes with impressive, yet easy to use statistical tools, where users can acquire all the feedback they need to check out conversion rates, and examine the effectiveness of their e-mail campaigns.

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