Customize Your Email Messages with Variables
September 27, 2018 by SendDog 0 Comments

SendDog allows users to send customized and targeted email messages to buyers without having to draft each message individually.

Using email and link variables allows users to connect customers to their product or service in a clear and concise way. In this post, we are going to discuss the two types of variables, email variables and link variables, which are frequently used in e-commerce communication.

Email Variables

Email variables are the fundamental information placeholders that are contained within two sets of brackets in an email message. You can insert dynamic information that will change in your message based on the order. For example, inserting buyer’s [[first-name]] variable in your message body, will automatically replace the variable placeholder with the buyer’s first name who placed the order. You can also include other recipient-specific information, such as buyer info, shipping info, order details and custom URLs in your message.

Link Variables

Link variables work with dynamic hyperlinks that are contained within two sets of brackets where you can change the URL link by adding a colon “:” after the link and typing in the text that you would like hyperlinked. For example, if you want buyers to contact you through Amazon, you can insert [[contact-link:Contact Us on]] in your message, which would appear as: Contact Us on The Contact Us text would become a clickable link that redirects buyers to the contact page on Amazon.

How to Use Variables

To use variables: first, click on Messages at the top of your screen and select the template you would like to work with. Add variables into your message from the Edit Message page.

What SendDog can help?

Some sellers start by manually soliciting feedback by logging in to their Amazon Seller Central accounts. However, this approach will soon become unmanageable once their order volume has grown. SendDog automates the many time-intensive aspects of feedback solicitation, such as sending custom emails or notification emails or even a friendly note to buyers, tracking feedback received, monitoring negative feedback and much more. SendDog allows users to change the way they communicate with buyers based on the amount of reviews or product’s review scores. Users can create custom campaigns for each of their products and send targeted emails to buyers. Sending a timely email and using the right words in an email can reduce the chance of receiving negative feedback and enhance customer satisfaction. SendDog also comes with impressive, yet easy to use statistical tools, where users can acquire all the feedback they need to check out conversion rates, and examine the effectiveness of their e-mail campaigns.

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