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What is Collect Reviews?

Get Reviews for your Products Easily

More reviews = more sales

Amazon reviews are the lifeblood of your online business. Getting reviews is the key to success.

Say hello without being spammy

Your customers can simply opt-out of your mails if they want to. That way you’ll stay best buddies.

Amazon loves us (and we love Amazon)

Complete integration with Amazon’s messaging system and, above all, very easy to use.

Play around a bit to get the best results

Use split testing to increase your open rate. Figure out which approach works best to make sure people respond to your mails.

Lots and lots of flexibility

When would you like to send a message? Today? Next week? In a month? Guess what! You decide!

All the feedback you’ll ever need

Detailed reports show how many people open your mails. Use statistics to figure out ways to do even better.

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Set a time and date for your automated messages to be sent, either after shipping or delivering your product. And why not give them a nice extra treat in your mail? A helpful guide, or maybe a bonus e-book?

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With Collect Reviews, you can choose to create custom campaigns for each of your products. Change the way you communicate with your customer based on the amount of reviews or your product’s review scores.

You can also send targeted e-mails to your customers when they apply for a refund. Even if your customers might prefer a refund, using the right words can still make the difference between one and five stars.

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Our program comes with impressive, yet easy to use statistical tools. Get all the feedback you could ever need to check out your conversion rates, and find out how effective your e-mail campaigns are.

And thanks to our built-in A/B testing functionality, you can optimize your e-mails to get the best results.

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Why would I need Collect Reviews?

You can use Collect Reviews to get you more reviews. The more reviews you get, the greater your exposure on the Amazon marketplace. That means more customers and more sales! Reviews are basically free advertisement!

Does Amazon allow me to use Collect Reviews?

Absolutely. Collect Reviews is a very good boy. He’s fully in accordance with Amazon’s Terms of Service. Our team makes sure our software is updated frequently to comply with Amazon policy changes.

Which marketplaces does Collect Reviews support?

At the moment, we only support the USA marketplace.

Thanks to Collect Reviews, getting lots of Amazon reviews has never been easier

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